Metal Optics

On UP machines from our own engineering we manufacture for you a variety of metal optics, from single parts to series. Here you will find a small selection of our assortment. Machining reflective metal optics on customer request is one of LT Ultra’s three core businesses. With over 20 years of market experience in ultra-precision machining, we are your competence center for multi-axis diamond machining.

Metal optics

LT Ultra produces on in-house developed and produced processing machines. This allows us to push the limits of the feasible in the production of metal optics steadily, and offer single-part and series production on the limits of what is feasible with consistently high quality at up-to-date prices. A short and reliable delivery time enables our extremely high machine availability as the service team of the machines sits in the same building. Worldwide, the metal optics products from LT Ultra ensure the economic success of our customers.

More about metal optics

Depending on the manufacturing method, size, weight and material of the substrate / workpiece, our diamond machining can achieve geometric accuracies of up to 80 nm (1 nm = 0.000001 mm) and roughness of up to 1-2 nm RMS. Our machine park of more than 30 ultra-precision machines allows the production of all surface forms such as flat surfaces, spheres, toroids, ellipsoids, paraboloids and hyperboloids to custom free-form surfaces.

Diamond machining can in principle be done on non-ferrous metals. If necessary, a trial preparation in advance is necessary. The most common materials for metal optics are oxygen-free copper (OFHC-Cu) and the aluminum alloys (EN AW-6082 and EN AW-6061).

Optics made of copper are used primarily in laser resonators or as deflection mirrors and focusing mirrors in the beam guide. Due to the high thermal conductivity of the copper, especially with direct water-cooled versions, they offer maximum dimensional stability at high laser powers. As a rule, the optics are provided with a coating adapted to the application in order to maximize the reflectivity and to ensure adequate protection against environmental influences.

Regarding the size of an optic, there is almost no limit. For example, for the MAGIC telescopes on La Palma, we made all large mirrors in specially designed special machines. With a total mirror surface of almost 240 m², these are the world’s largest telescopes for detecting gamma rays. They are made up of individual mirrors that reach dimensions of 1000 mm x 1000 mm.

At the other end of the manufacturing dimension, LT Ultra offers the microstructuring of metal surfaces. This is the production of structures in the grid between 5 and 150 microns in optical quality. These customer-specific structures can either be diamond-machined or diamond-turned on roll machines. LT Ultra can machine supplied rolls up to a length of 2500 mm, a diameter of up to 800 mm and a maximum weight of 2500 kg.

Our innovative development department likes to find a technical solution for you, even in seemingly unsolvable situations.